Welcome to the webpage for the Forest Health Citizen Science Community. The sole purpose of this page is to share information relevant to the community by the community.

Join the Community

Anyone working in the space between forest health and society is welcome to join.

Mailing List

Subscribe to the mailing-list by visiting the Groups.io page (https://groups.io/g/ForestHealthCitSci) or by emailing the subscribe email listed below:

Note that you do not need a groups.io account to subscribe.

Slack Workspace

You can join our Slack Workspace at this link.

Note that you need a Slack account to join the Slack Community.

Github Repository

This webpage and the project list below are hosted in a github repository.

Anyone is welcome to collaborate to add or make changes to the github repository (https://github.com/jmhulbert/fhcs). The content on this page is compiled using R Markdown, but the project list is maintained as a .csv file.

Note that you need a github account to collaborate or make changes. Feel free to contact for additional details or instructions.

  • As a repository collaborator:
    • You are welcome to clone the repository to your system and work from the R Project (fhcs.Rproj) file in Rstudio or you can make changes to the ProjectList.csv file.
    • You can also make changes directly to the .csv file through your browser.
    • Or you can make changes by downloading the .csv file, altering, committing and pushing it back to the repository.

Note that the Markdown (index.Rmd) file will need to be knit before the changes will be visible on this webpage.

Tree Health Citizen Science Network (UK)

Practitioners of tree health focused citizen science projects in the UK are encouraged to also join the UK Tree Health Citizen Science Network.

You can also join the conversation on twitter with the hashtag: #treecitsci